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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:48 am

This is where you will find what services we can offer and the cost for it being taken on. If your wanting something that isn't on the list speak leave an inquire and someone will get back to you on it.

Basic Services: Ranging from 50 gold up to 260 gold
- Torture: Ranging to the one who takes on the job but can range from simple beating to a broken bones and possible coma causing. (Let us know if its a one time only or your wanting this done over a certain period of time)

- Kidnapping: We will need details of the target including any possible complications that could arise while on the job. Also how long your wanting it to last, if your wishing the person tortured or anything along those lines (Will change the cost depending on situation. The length of time your wanting the kidnapping to happen and if your wanting a ransom will also change the cost).


Advance Services: Ranging from 150 gold up to 550 gold
- Murder: It will vary depending on who takes the job as well as what your wanting do if requesting something specific. (Meaning quick or drawn out and torturous) Or you can leave it up to the person taking on the job.

- Kidnapping and Torture: See basic services.

-Murder/Suicide: If your wanting the murder to look as if the person committed suicide than we will need details about the emotional state of the victim. If they possible have tried killing themselves before and how, if your wanting a particular way done and where you would like the body to be found.

High Profile Service: (Assassinations/Tortures of Royalty) 900 gold up to 2000 gold - more if more than one victim and how complicated it will be

- Royalty/Advisers/Guards Assassination: This will be a more well planned out job due to the difficulty of the victims. We will need specifics about who your wanted dead, why (and it can't be just cause you dislike who is in that position), their habits, details about what your wanting done, when. If a body should be left or if your wanting all evidence destroyed.


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